10 Minutes with Marcus Troy

It’s funny; I’ve been covering menswear, fashion, and lifestyle etc. now for over three years. I feel as though there is someone new stepping into this so-called “scene” on a monthly basis. Another street photographer, blogger, writer, editor, and/or kid wearing double monks on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, it’s refreshing to see such talent rising from all across the country. Hell, I think in the end we have to all high-five the Internet. Without it, where would we all be?  What seems like such a large world (in our minds) is quite frankly, small. Quit kidding yourself—it’s true. Unless your name rhymes with Banna Chintour—the masses don’t know who you are. Don’t get too upset; it’s OK—I promise. It’s all part of the world we live in. We all pursue what interests us and of course, we know the names, movers, and shakers of our own little worlds.

Marcus Troy: We (you know, us menswear nerds) know who he is—blogger turned entrepreneur turned culture participant. He has his hands in projects across the board—teaming up with everyone from the menswear trade show Project,  the Nike skateboarding group, and even Microsoft. “For me, it’s always been about participating in things that I have been passionate about; whether that be fashion, style, clothes, shoes, accessories, food, shopping, et cetera. I’ve always been into style and connected to that community.” It’s impressive, that is, his ability to keep moving forward. He hasn’t gotten stuck in a certain crowd or gained a reputation for going with what works best. What Marcus provides his readers is an experience, a deeper look into the brands, events, and collaborations from artists all over the world. Marcus has the opportunity to break into the mainstream and become a household name in some fashion. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to spend more time with him in NYC, but as always, time is of the essence and the city moves quickly.

What’s next for Marcus? Good question. I’m not sure that he really knows the true answer. He does, however, know what road he plans on traveling down and the influence he provides his readers over time. He’s always on the move; dreaming up new ideas and collaborations that none of us would imagine. He admires those who follow their passions in a pursuit of inner happiness. I, like I hope our reader do, will be following Marcus’ moves. What comes his way down that road, only time will tell. We’ll be here, Marcus, ready to experience life from your eyes.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine