3 Made to Measure Shirt Companies You Should Know

The subtlety of a good fitting shirt is as minute as the needle point used in sowing it all together. Not unlike the fine lines on a race car, a mans shirt hugs and wraps itself around the driver.The analogy rings truest in a custom shirt. Off the rack seldom allows for a perfect fit right off the bat, so then, why go through the headache of having it tailored anyway? We went ahead and did some digging for you. Below are 3 companies we’ve tried and tested, washed and worn again; they stood up well and we thought we’d share.

Milk Shirts

Milk Shirts

A few weeks ago I received my first custom shirt from MILK Shirts. The packaging alone made me say wow, even before I felt the incredible texture of the shirt itself. The shirt fits just as it should. One can feel the quality of the fabric as it caresses you

This is a brand that only makes custom white shirts, hence the name MILK shirts: their shirts are pure milk white. The reason they decided to dedicate themselves to white shirting  is because they wanted to emphasize the basics of a mans wardrobe. The white shirt is an indispensable staple, and a man can really never have too many. Be it for the office, for casual and formal occasions, it really is essential, timeless and versatile. They have created something unique about their brand, thus enabling them to focus on their niche so they can be the best at what they do. The process is really quite easy. They start you off with a choice of their three collections: Work, Formal and Play.  You then chose to have your shirt made to classic or slim fit based on your neck measurement. To take it a step further, you can send them your complete measurements measurements. All their shirts come with free monogramming and free shipping worldwide. What you end up with is quality, value and something you will love for your money.

Nero Note Shirts


I don’t know any style gent that does not want to own and wear a custom Italian shirt. Usually this would entail booking a flight to Italy and finding a tailor, but now Italy can come to you. Nero Note is a unique brand of customizable, made to measure, Italian shirts. The “proposal” as they call it, gives you a variety to choose from. They have seasonal colors and fabrics,  for every occasion. Even if you’re someone that enjoys the yachting life, they have the shirt for you and your boat as well.

Comparing the Neronote to other similarly made big name competition, you begin to see the value in this brand. Sometimes the same fabric, even the same product (especially in the mid-range fabrics starting from 129,00 euros)  can be found at heavy discounts . Even some of their lower priced shirts at 79,00 euro are sublime. Many of them manufacture their shirts in Asia or in China while Neronote’s workshop is located in Ancona, Italy.  Sacrificing quality and control over the manufacturing process is not Neronote’s way to compete with others. Quality is quality and made in Italy means made in ITALY! The video above will be the nail in the coffin.

Custom Dress Shirts The Ratio Wayratio

Ratio Clothing’s #1 Goal is to give you the perfect fit and to ensure they keep their word. If they don’t give you a perfect fit the first time, they will alter or remake it for free.  Emphasizing as well why it’s important to be made in the USA apart from making great shirts they believe in giving back by creating jobs and reducing carbon emissions. You’re probably wondering what all that has to do with your shirt.

Most custom shirt companies make their shirts in the same few factories in China and Malaysia. This means that the goods have to be flown from the factory to your location leaving a carbon footprint. Instead, they work closely with smaller producers in the U.S. to ensure quality control throughout the entire process, and by manufacturing locally, their shirts can be shipped using ground networks to minimize the impact on the environment.

Ratio Clothing has got all your shirt needs covered with every fabric and pattern. They have your plain colors, stripes, plaids, checked, houndstooth, gingham, seersucker, and chambray to name a few. Ration by far has the easiest and most streamline ordering process; choose a shirt you love, pick your style options, enter your size and you’re done!


Now that we’ve given you our look into a few unique clothing companies here are 5 tips to consider when choosing the right made to measure shirt company:

1) LOCATION – You may of found a company that fits you right, but when you’re both located on opposite sides of the world, unless they’re offering free shipping, the added cost may not be worth it.

2) FIT & DETAIL – It’s only after experiencing the fitting can you truly appreciate the work the company puts into making your shirt. Do they pay attention to detail? Do they give you that added value, making you want to have a second one made? No? Then move on.

3) UNIQUENESS – They should have something about them that sets them apart from the rest giving  you quality and value. For example: MILK SHIRTS, because of their niche market, can focus all their efforts into being good at that one type of shirt and making sure you have the best of it’s kind.

4) ALTERATIONS – What if it doesn’t fit right?  You changed your mind on the cut of the shirt or wanted an extra detail added. Some made to measure shirt companies are willing to make your shirt over from scratch if need be and then there are those that don’t. Be sure to choose a company willing to make alterations so you get your desired look and fit.

5) VARIETY –  If you require multiple shirts of the same fit but different colors and patterns, you want to ensure that the company carries a variety suited to your needs.



Christopher Crossley

Founder of Modern Connoisseur. Reporting from Trinidad and Tobago. Advocate of a bon vivant lifestyle.