4 Questions with WatchAnish


DJ, menswear and watch specialist, Anish Bhatt has taken over the horology world in recent years and it’s no wonder as to why. This guy really is the rain man of watches. I dare you to show him a picture of a luxury time piece, I promise you he knows the specs (don’t let me down Anish). After launching WatchAnish a few years ago, Anish now consults on and creates original media for brands, companies and individuals in these sectors. We sat down and asked him a few questions.

When did you get into watches?

Probably back when I was still in school, but it really took off when I was about 19 years old and started working in a watch and jewelry store. I had always had a small passing interest before then but that was where I started really learning about the intricacies and details in very high end watches.

Favorite all time watch and why?

Man that’s a very hard question! There are so many that come to mind and for different reasons. Aesthetics, importance, complexity, rarity…the list goes on! I would be very hard pressed to pick just one watch in all honesty, but the top three would probably be a Patek Philippe Nautilus (maybe a 5726 which is less liked by many but to me is beautiful!), a vintage Rolex 1680/8 Submariner in yellow gold and a A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Luminous.

Why is it important for a man to own a watch?

It isn’t important at all in reality. It definitely is not something that you ‘must’ have. The truth is that in today’s world your mobile phone gives you everything you would find in even the most complicated watch. Owning a watch is a choice of luxury, not necessity. That being said, a man wants to express himself in life, be it in social situations, in the boardroom or even privately, and very few items can evoke the feeling of a beautifully made watch on your arm. It is something that can be appreciated by yourself and others, and like a well tailored suit, a great classic car or a personal piece of art, it can express a lot about you without you having to say anything.

Why do watches cost so much if they all do the same thing…tell time?

The same reason why cars cost so much even though they all drive you from point A to point B. The basics may be the same but factored such as performance, additional functions, styling, branding and rarity all come into the equation. The most expensive and revered watches are not made by so many of the big ‘mainstream’ watch companies, but by makers that can only produce a very small number of watches a year and have waiting lists 15 years long. These are items I would most liken to art (without wanting to sound too clichéd or corny) and if you can appreciate the very small beautiful details then even an expensive piece becomes priceless once in your possession.



Corey Knight

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