5 Reasons Your Passport is More Important Than a Diploma

Both pieces of paper that can unlock a world of opportunity, but which one is more important: the passport or a college diploma.

Education is something that is drilled in our minds as an essential part of growing up, from the time you start to walk to the time you are legally able to drink you are in school learning the skills to succeed in life. Well, you’re suppose to learn life skills but sometimes I feel like looking back I really didn’t learn that much about how to be an adult. Yes I learned everything you need to know about Marketing and International Business but sometimes that doesn’t correlate to real life things like paying bills, investing in your 401k, basically just being an adult. A diploma is your key to becoming successful in business or the field you are studying, so they say.

Passport vs. Diploma

A passport is your key to the world. Going back to the corny travel quote, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, well they might just be right about that. With no passport, you become so close minded to what is out there in this awesome world we live in.  I have learned more life lessons from traveling than sitting in a classroom with my head in any book. You learn skills like budgeting, time management,  a sense of adventure, but most of all a new found passion for photography. If I would have never left my comfort zone I would have never picked up a camera and be where I am today with photography.

Passport vs. Diploma

Here are 5 reasons why you need to get a passport and put that diploma on hold for a while:

  1. Cost – Coming out of a 4-year college you are most likely going to be in debt around $25,000 to $40,000 on average. Think of the most amazing trip that you dream about, you can probably go there 5 times for the price of your diploma.
  2. Life Lessons – You grow up so much faster when you are faced with situations that are new to you, not like taking a final exam but a situation where you are in a foreign land and you have to find your way.
  3. Culture – Learning the business etiquette and culture of a place is great to read about in books but even more beneficial when you are in that country learning about it from a local.
  4. New Skill – You will discover a talent that you never knew you had, like me for example I would have never picked up a camera if it hadn’t of been for visiting Italy for the first time. Since then I never go anywhere without my camera.
  5. Become a Storyteller – A story about getting drunk at a frat party this past weekend is not the same as you hopping on a last minute flight to adventure around Iceland for a week.

Your passport is your key to the world so go out and get one and create your own adventures, wherever they might lead you.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.