A Beauty Named: Alexandra Catherine

“A Beauty Named…” is a new concept thought up to shine light on women we believe are stylish, interesting, and talented in their own unique way. They represent a rare group who value the smallest treasures in life, whether it is a good meal, small fashion accessory, or photograph that inspires. Audrey Hepburn said it best: “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.”

Fashion Blogger. Toronto, ON.

1. How would you describe your personal style?

I would really have to say my style is quite classic, but I always give it a modern or edgy twist. Another consistent element of my personal style is that I always like something to look slightly undone—whether it’s air-dried hair, a loosely knotted belt, or barely-there makeup, I feel most comfortable when I don’t feel too “done.”

2. What is your most cherished item? 

My most cherished item is an unbelievably soft, cream cable knit sweater from Club Monaco that I “bought” for my boyfriend but ended up keeping for myself. It’s a men’s XL and comes down to my legs, but I love pairing it with something unexpected, like a pailette or lace mini skirt and pearls. I bring it on every trip I ever take and it’s my constant companion during our Canadian winters!

3. Where is your favorite place to dine? 

My family’s house. Both my parents are incredible cooks and bakers—from the perfect paella to the most decadent lasagne, they cover all bases. Despite both of their intense work schedules, they have always made food an important and almost sacred part of our lives.

4. What is the best advice you’ve received from your parents? 

You make your own happiness! I’ve been raised to believe that no matter what happens to you, in the end, you have to be responsible for your own happiness. Pretty good advice!

5. What are you extremely passionate about?

In no particular order: the ocean, literature, fashion, and music.

6. What lady do you think embodies pure elegance and style?

Françoise Hardy—her voice, her beauty, and her effortless style are all so natural and uncontrived.

7. What do you consider a staple in a lady’s wardrobe?

I think as long as you have red lipstick, you can make most outfits work.

8. What do you like to see a man in: suit or more casualwear?

Personally, I’d opt for casual. Not every man can make a suit look effortless, whereas most men can suit one casual look or another well. Looking comfortable and confident is always the most important thing to me when it comes to men’s style—or women’s style for that matter!

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