A Beauty Named: Nichole Alabi

 I met Nichole not too long ago. The impact of her words has had a long standing effect on me. Rarely do I get the opportunity to experience such a fresh perspective on things, and even rarer do I get influenced by it as it relates to my own life. When you see Nichole, you really do think to yourself, “Wow!”And to be honest, it’s deeper than words. The way she puts herself together, in a sense, is quite unique. She dresses the way she wants. There’s are no particular trend she adheres to, rather she sets her own. From her New York influences, meshed with the advanced fashions of atelier and couture, you see bits of each in every outfit. Timberland boots, Jordan sneakers and Louboutin wedges;  they all play a part of her personal style. Here’s her take from a few questions I asked while we were chatting recently.

Neil: How does your life experience play a role in the way you dress?
Nichole:I think noteworthy personal style starts with a frame of reference. Mine comes from being raised by Nigerian immigrants on the east coast of the United States in the 90s. So I am super inspired by minimalism and grunge in fashion, hip hop music, and then African adornment. No matter where I am going I always dress myself with one or more of those influences.
NW: Why is it important for you to express yourself with what you wear? Do you?
NA: I wouldn’t say that the way I dress is me “expressing myself” per se, but it does reflect my life’s major inspirations. No matter what the trend of the day is I am always dressing myself from those same core inspirations. I am always minimal in black and white with tomboy accents and gold jewelry. Even when I do attempt a trend I interpret it through the same lens. For me that is important because it is so easy to lose yourself in today’s fad and that will never be me because I know who I am. When people see me I want them to be able to get a tiny glimpse into where I come from and the things I hold dear.
Neil: What is the state of blogging like for you, in Toronto, as someone whose lived stateside?
NA: I really enjoy blogging. I like to throwing my hat in the ring of the “blogosphere”. Bloggers have had the opportunity to evolve into influencers and I don’t see a lot of mainstream bloggers that look like me. What that means to me is that the more my blog grows the more that the mainstream has to accept perspectives and images like mine. That makes me feel really good.
Breaking into the blogger community in Toronto has been a lot more difficult for me that it has been breaking in back in the States. The style/fashion blogging community is pretty small here so you tend to see a lot of the same faces. But I think I am starting to become a face you see more often and thus I get to challenge the status quo which I love.
Neil: If you had any advice to give anyone trying to become successful, what would it be?
NA: I dont have any advice for anyone trying to be successful; but I will say that success is relative and thats something I try not to ever forget.
You can visit her style blog at nicholealabi.com



Neil Watson

Editor At Large