A Cold Summer

A cold summer, something I know many of us wish existed. With most of the country experiencing triple digit temperatures we have been asked many times over how one can be stylish and stay cool. After living  in Florida for 20 years, the humidity can take its toll on anyone’s sense of proper dress. The temptation to wear cargos and flip flops can be quiet strong especially when the air beyond your front door is thick enough to slice.

While browsing thru one of our favorite men’s online retailers, Mr. Porter, one of my counterparts, Brandy Swope,  and I have decided to show you gentlemen a few options for clothing that will not only keep you looking like an adult, but also help avoid bursting into flames.

Mens summer clothing,menswear,style

For these Sahara type temps cotton is truly your best friend. While many resort to basketball shorts and Jordans, we have put together a casual enseblem that will keep you cool. As you can see, we have not included socks to the look. Wearing shoes without socks will ensure ventilation to your feet just dont forget the powder. Also, keep in mind the length of the shorts. Keeping them just slightly above your knee will make your look casual without being sloppy.

1. Faconnable Striped Cotton Shirt 2. Secret Wash Lightweight Shirt in Fliss Check 3. J.Crew Slim Fit Cotton T-shirt

4. RL Distressed Leather Belt 5. Aubin & Wills Aballay Straight-Leg Cotton-Twill Shorts 6. Meermin Classic Tassel Loafer

Mens summer clothing,menswear,style

While dressing for the casual scene is a bit easier staying cool in more social environments can get tricky. Again stick to cotton, linen or seersucker for these occasions. These fabrics are breathable. Also, lighter colors are more forgiving in the perspiration department.

1. Paul Smith London Floral-Print Cotton Shirt 2. Maison Martin Margiela Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Blazer

3. Faconnable Striped Cotton-Seersucker Shirt 4. Sid Mashburn | ECRU Paisley D-Ring Belt

5. YSL Tapered-Fit Cotton-Twill Trousers 6. Leffot White Waverly



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.