A Gentleman Named: Atte Rytkönen

A Gentleman Named series is a new concept created to shine light on men we believe are stylish, interesting, and talented in their own unique way. We aim to delve into the minds behind it all, and delivery to you, our reader, an introspective into the lives of men you can learn from. Today we chat with Atte Rytkönen of DresslikeA

How would you describe your personal style?

I try to keep my style simple and adaptable. In general, I’d claim it to be pretty versatile but always guided by the phrase “Whatever you wear, always dress to kill”. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bespoke suit or jogging pants, you need to be able to feel confident whatever you’re wearing. I try to keep my style appropriate for the occasion; at work my style is mainly formal (whenever necessary), outside of work it has more of a casual twist. A couple of years ago, my style was a lot more about bright colors and a lot of different details but I’ve come to appreciate simplicity.

Secondly, I admire Italian style as well as their way of thinking, so most of my influences come from there. However, I am living in Scandinavia where we have 4 distinct seasons, and every now and then it can get really cold and snowy, so adapting to the climate is very important. I’d summarize it as “Italian peacocking with Scandinavian simplicity”.

What is your most cherished item?

This is a tough one but in terms of clothing it’s probably my first pair of made to order- boots from Alfred Sargent, in espresso colored calf leather and purple suede. When I first time saw the model at their trunk show in Helsinki, it was kind of a love at first sight. I don’t even wear those boots that often but every time I look on the shelf in my living room, I can’t help but smile.

For me those boots actually represent the “feel good factor”, what I think is the most important thing in terms of dressing up. It’s really about how you experience what you purchase.

Where is your favorite place to dine?

I love burgers so almost any good burger joint will do. If I had to name one, I really like “Meat Liquer” in London – a small place that serves simple and good food, burgers just the way they’re supposed to be done.

In Helsinki, ‘Muru’ goes above others in my book. Again small and cozy, something that could be described as between fine dining and a relaxed bistro – and incredibly good food that is still reasonably priced. This is a place I like to go whenever I have something to celebrate.

What is the best advice you’ve received from your parents?

My mother said: “Mind your own business and remember that you are the one responsible for making yourself happy.” It can sound pretty harsh but they are definitely words to live by.

I’m originally from a pretty small town where everyone knew each other’s business and many times it feels like people are more interested of what everyone else is doing, trying to find the negative. And I feel that sometimes it’s the same when it comes to clothing and personal style. What I’ve learned is that one should always concentrate how to make oneself look (or feel) better, not on finding something negative from what someone is wearing (or doing).

What are you extremely passionate about?

Beautiful things. Whether it’s clothes, food, drinks, traveling or women, I admire aesthetics and things that make me feel good.

In terms of clothing, I feel passionate about three things: quality, fit and aesthetics, the last of which I think includes the two others. If the garment does not fit you well or the product is made poorly, it probably doesn’t please you aesthetically either. On the other hand, the aesthetics are many times crystallized in those small details.

What gentleman do you think embodies pure elegance and style?

Jeremy Hackett.
Even though I’m partial to Italian style, he is friendly gentleman with good manners. He is always impeccable style with well-fitted and good proportioned clothing, properly dressed for the occasion. Also, the man always looks like he’s happy in whatever he is wearing.

What do you consider a staple in a man’s wardrobe?

I think there are three: a well-fitted suit, a navy blazer and a pair of good shoes. First of all, shoes form the basis of man’s attire but generally don’t receive the necessary appreciation. It doesn’t matter how nice the suit you’re wearing is or how expensive your watch is. If you don’t pay attention to your shoes, your outfit is doomed to failure, without a doubt.

Secondly, every man needs a suit. It might not even be used that often depending on your line of work but when it’s needed, you want to be sure you have one that fits you properly. My recommendation would be something dark blue and unstructured in a lightweight wool.

Third is a blue blazer. A navy blue, well-fitted unstructured blazer with (2) patch pockets is a piece that will take you through almost any occasion (except the most formal ones) and that can be combined with a pair of grey flannel slacks and a button-up or with denim and a crispy white t-shirt. Simple, yet versatile.



Corey Knight

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