A Gentleman Named: Khaled Nasr

A Gentleman Named series is a new concept created to shine light on men  we believe are stylish, interesting, and talented in their own unique way. We aim to delve into the minds behind it all, and delivery to you, our reader, an introspective into the lives of men you can learn from. Today we chat with Mr. Composed Flair himself, Khaled Nasr 

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is what I coined as “Composed Flair.” I am really influenced by the elegance of classical styling but I like to add a bit extra touches that update the look with a slightly aggressive feature set. My influence comes from the era’s of the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1970’s. I appreciate wide lapels and aggressively rolled shoulders and a tightly tailored waist area that really add to the look of what I consider a “Uniform Look’ without being stiff in the overall presentation. Most people know me as the “Sciamat Guy” and that is because I believe their styling aesthetic combines and puts forward those elements I believe make up a wonderful garment and overall look. In my opinion, they have combined all the best aspects of those mentioned era’s and have produced a style that I consider exactly “me.”
What is your most cherished item?
My most cherished item is my 2 year old boy. That, to me, is the greatest gift i have ever received given to me by my wife. To be given a gift like this, where he looks up to you in how you speak, how you carry yourself and how you dress, is to me the ultimate prize. Having a kid provides you the rarest of opportunities to do everything you can to be perfect in their eyes. One aspect of that is dressing well. Besides obviously teaching him how to be respectful and carry himself with dignity, I am always going to emphasize to him the importance of presenting yourself in the best possible way by dressing well. Before you ever say a word to an individual, people will always size you up and make their first impressions based on how you are dressed and look. It is that time when you should be at your best and to be able to allow yourself to stand out in a positive fashion from the crowd.
Where is your favorite place to dine?
My favorite place to dine in Los Angeles, where I live, is Mastro’s Steakhouse. I don’t eat meat to often at home because I believe when you eat meat, it should be the best possible piece available to make the experience worth it. Mastro’s has such a great vibe with dark wood accents and a live band playing providing such an old school vibe to the experience.
One of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world though is La Giostra in Florence. Its one of the most charming and amazing places to eat. The ambiance is fun and lively but dimly lit giving it a really special atmosphere. The owner, who both his arms are full of bracelets and rings up to the elbow, is an abolsute pleasure. He spends time at each table and goes through a laundry list of items he recommends. To me, the atmosphere is equally as important as the food and this place does both perfectly!
What is the best advice you’ve received from your parents?
My parents are the best as their life lessons always have and always will stick with me. There was always an emphasis by my parents to be a true gentleman which meant to be respectful to everyone I met. They always said to give everyone the same level of respect across the board no matter who they are or where they come from, right from the get go. They engraved in me the fact that respect is lost and not earned and this philosophy has always allowed me to stay humble no matter who I am with or what the circumstances I find myself in.
What are you extremely passionate about?
For me, my passion runs across many aspects of my life. But as I have become more and more into menswear, I have to say that my ultimate passion is the understanding and hopefully reintroduction of classical style of dress in the USA. There is a very casual style and trend in the USA, to the point that when I wear a jacket out, people ask me what the occasion is. I long for the days when people would never think about going out without wearing a proper jacket. Too many people often think of a jacket as a stuffy way to go out for a night at a club, lounge or dinner. But with todays new softer fabrics as well as the softer and lightweight/unlined tailoring techniques, there should be no reason for someone to not feel comfortable as well as well dressed.
What gentleman do you think embodies pure elegance and style?
I have a few people who for me embody elegance in menswear. One name that come to mind is Matteo Marzotto, who has such a great sense of style and casual elegance. He is not over the top and he doesn’t try to stand out with his style as he lets his clothing and tailoring speak for itself. I am a huge fan of double breasted suits/jackets and he has a soft and natural way of wearing them that I find truly outstanding.
I have been on record stating that Valentino and Nicola Ricci to me optimize the best of what I consider pure elegance in todays menswear. They have developed a brand and a silhouette that emphasis the best of a gentleman’s physique and they wear it so well. Each one of them wears the same clothing but in different ways and I find that fascinating. Valentino is extremely classical in his approach with more traditional colors and parings. His color choices are more muted, often going with treys and naves but done in a way that speaks to tradition and heritage. Nicola is more experimental in his color and fabric choices but still maintaining a very elegant style aesthetic. He masterfully blends colors and textures in a way that I don’t see anyone doing today. His proportions in his clothing is spot on and to me that is a mark of a true icon.
What do you consider a staple in a man’s wardrobe?
There are many things you hear people state that are essentials in a mens wardrobe and I agree with them all, that being A navy blazer, a good watch and a good pair of brown shoes. I take that a bit further and add a few essential items that compliment these essentials and round out the essence of a proper gentleman. A good pair of hangers for both your jackets and your trousers are essential. Maintaining the proper shape of the shoulder is ablsoluty essential and the proper hanger helps keep the shoulders of the jacket in tact. In addition, a proper shoe horn is a critical but often forgotten piece of a gentlemen’s wardrobe. So many people put their dress shoes on by moving their foot back and forth and side to side, crushing the back portion of the shoe. A shoe horn allows you to easily place on the shoe while avoiding destroying it and helping it last a lifetime.



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