A Girl’s Perspective: Unplug

What to do on a date,love,relationship adviceThere are  few things more attractive than strength and ambition in a man. A man that is a hard worker and always on his game. However, such qualities also have their down side. That guy that is starting his own business or is up for partner is usually glued to his BlackBerry. Ambitious men are busy all the time. We, as women, get this. I know that women are a difficult species, but really? It’s not that hard to understand that we need some attention. Put your iPhone away, unless you are using it to read this, every once in awhile and have a nice dinner with a beautiful lady, even if it’s just your mom.

We all get so caught up in life. Studies have shown that 75-80% of people work overtime outside of the office, which means you’re actually not getting paid for it. If you are starting or have your own business every second of everyday is over time. Technology is ever increasing. As of now, we can receive calls, texts, tweets, e-mails, different forms of messages, you can check your Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, et cetera. Soon you’ll be able to perform a triple bypass with your phone from across the world with the help of a laser beam in space!

But I digress, when you do have some scheduled down time make it count. Don’t muddy up a nice dinner by taking a phone call or scrolling through Instagram the whole time. Use these small moments to clear your brain and put those that are most important to you to the forefront.

Here are a few things you should do on a date (you should already know this!):

1. Be a gentleman: Do all the corny stuff: open doors, pull out chairs, and pick up the check. It makes us feel special.

2. Put your business away. The world is not gonna fall apart if you don’t respond to the email right away. Emergencies come up, we know that, but don’t rationalize that every text or call is an emergency because it’s not.

3. Listen. I know that your job/business is important. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, but when you are on a date with a special lady, keep it to a minimum. Let her tell you what she’s interested in. I’m sure, if she’s a keeper, she’ll ask you about business anyway. This advice is for first dates, new relationships, and married couples with 5 kids. My point is it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s nice for someone to be genuinely interested in what you think.

And finally, remember that there’s no point in working as hard as you do if there’s no one around to help you celebrate all the success. Enjoy your life to the fullest with the people that love you the most.



Ivy Knight

I’ll be writting in from time to time to give you guys a little perspective from the not-so-girly women’s side. Just think of me as the girl bestfriend that you can ask for advice and get the truth, not some fable from one of your homeboys. Feel free to ask me some questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.