Unfortunately our society is all about labels. It’s as if high school never really ends. You will always have your cool kids, pretty girls, nerds, band geeks, jocks, art freaks, etc. etc. Now that we’re all grown up you’d think those labels would go away but sad to say- They don’t. Blondes from L.A are clueless shallow snobs and brunettes from NY are cold blooded man-eating intellectuals. Of course this isn’t true- I know plenty of shallow brunettes.

But what about guys do you all label other men? Do you feel like you have to be a slob to watch football or can you be a well-dressed jock? If you like a good ole- fashion shopping spree, does that mean you are gay or metro? If that’s your thinking, it’s flawed. No one is asking you to wear your favorite jersey with a pair of Alden’s but your two personalities can meet. You can wash the stains of that jersey, unless doing so means the team will lose the super bowl and just because you know what a bespoke suit is doesn’t mean you’re gay. Dressing well should have no indication of your sexual orientation. A stylish man is sexy to all. The term “metro-sexual” should be taken out of the dictionary, along with “swag” and “manny”. Labeling a man as metro because he takes care of himself is the same as saying he is mildly gay. Which makes a straight man flee in the other direction. Why not celebrate a man taking care of himself. As a woman I love that my man takes care of himself, likes to dress well, smell good, is always clean shaven and is my favorite shopping partner. Trust me ladies you will too and men a happy woman makes for a happy you, if you know what I mean!

Style is so much more than a way to label people. If you want to wear clothes that don’t fit go right ahead but do it because you don’t care how you look not because you don’t want people to get the “wrong idea”. Go ahead express yourself! Take the time to learn what pieces will enhance your look, become best friends with your tailor- your clothes are in his hands, and enjoy the experience

About Ivy Knight

I’ll be writting in from time to time to give you guys a little perspective from the not-so-girly women’s side. Just think of me as the girl bestfriend that you can ask for advice and get the truth, not some fable from one of your homeboys. Feel free to ask me some questions and I’ll try my best to answer them.