A New Down Under: Jocent Royal

Jocent Royal Shoes

With the changing dynamics of retail and the economic downturn, people really began to do it more themselves. This is so true in menswear as we see these groups of enterprising individuals who have taken the middle man out of the equation. Given the relative ease of access to the best manufactures in the world, and the want for high quality at a better value, Jocent Royal is delivering on it’s promise of quality custom, for much, much less. Australia seems to be a breeding ground for this, and perhaps A&H is just beginning to uncover this treasure. Our Magazine prides itself on being a champion of the underdog, you know, the little guy. David to the Goliath of our industry. This is why we love profiles like this. What follows is some Q&A with our new friends from down under.

How did Jocent Royal come to be?Jocent royal

My partner and I founded Jocent Royal by combing our names Joy and Vincent. Royal represents our philosophy to give all our clients the feeling of royalty. At the beginning, most of our team members were friends and classmates from University and we carried the same dream, idea and goals. Like other venture companies, we dedicate a lot of time and efforts together to researching the market, deciding the products for the Australian market and composing a detailed plan for managing customer experience. We now have our own factory and a powerful team, combining the elites from different  areas  and  industries. Our aim is to become your footwear supplier of choice.

Why go into the shoe industry?

I was born in a renowned shoe-making family and my father owns a factory that manufactures thousands of shoes every year to the world. I always had the dream to create my own shoe brand and carry forward our special Goodyear welted skills to the world. After the market research, I found there are no manufacturers and retailers in Australia that supply high-end Goodyear welted shoes, people here rely on shoes imported from Europe, such as Loake and Crockett & Jones. So I founded Jocent Royal, focusing on handmade Goodyear welted shoes. We select the best calfskin; apply the traditional manufacturing method and supply the stylish shoes to our clients all over the world.

How are you able to offer such a great shoe at a great price?

Our business philosophy is to supply high quality affordable shoes to every discerning man. There are three principal reasons why we have such a great price for such a great shoe. Jocent Royal is backed by a family shoe business and the main factory that Jocent Royal owns has been making shoes for over decades. There are a plenty of experienced and skillful craftsmen making these high quality shoes. Since the manufacturing process is under the control of Jocent Royal, it is possible for us to control the production costs and minimize them to the least for our clients at the premise of guaranteeing the quality. Further, the distribution of Jocent Royal is online and there is no additional cost of maintaining a brick and mortar shop. Lastly, the superior services such as door-to-­door foot measure provided are all free for our clients, which is not available by our competitors. Overall, these are the reasons why our price can be this great.

What makes for a quality shoe and why should a man invest in a pair?  

In our opinion, a high quality shoe should be made by good calfskin and has high lasting value. In order to supply a superiorly comfortable and long lasting shoe, the traditional manufacturing method, Goodyear welted, is obviously the best choice for shoe manufacturers. The shoe is mainly stitched and can be resoled repeatedly, giving the shoe a lifespan of years, sometimes even decades.

Recently, more and more Australians are focusing on the sustainability of their shoes rather than price, style and fit. People have realized that it is essential to get a pair of characterful high-­end shoes to display their flair. Simply speaking, investing in a pair of high quality shoes can save you a lot of money to get dozens of cheap shoes, and you also protect the environment by saving the material and labor. Our shoes will last for years and can be easily repaired. Usually, it takes about one month to finish a pair of handmade Goodyear welted shoes and even longer for a pair of made to order shoes by a craftsman, so you actually invest in a pair of artwork, not just a pair of shoes.

**We recently ordered out first pair of Jocent Royal, be on the lookout for the full review.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.