A New Way to Travel: DELI

Venturing to a new city for the first time can be well, overwhelming to say the least. Where are you going to eat? What sites are you going to see? What stores are nearby that I can shop at? Are there any trendy local bars in the area? All of these are legitimate questions that have to be addressed when you are in a new city to fully experience the city in you own way.


DELI, an Amsterdam-based tech/travel start-up,  is here to answer all these questions for you. An urban travel platform based on the idea that everyone experiences the same city in a different way and are looking for a way to tailor their trip to their own personal taste. It’s as easy as taking a simple personality test, where the results  are a variety of relevant suggestions of places and activities based on your answers. Suggestions of where to eat, grab a great local beer, shop at your favorite menswear store, and what museums seem to fit your personality are all at your fingertips.  Easing the process of experiencing a new city for both tourists as well as locals who are looking to find some new places to visit in their own city, DELI gets rid of the clutter of confusing travel blogs and tourist sites.

Amsterdam is the first city that DELI has been working with but very soon they are planning to expand to Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, London,  and Copenhagen. Go ahead and check out their website to see the great places that you might discover on your next trip to Amsterdam.

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Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.