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Fashion isn’t cool.

Yes, I said it. I sound like one of those passé, trend setting hipster kids who shutter at the idea of another Paris fashion week review. I know. Working in retail for a few years has lead to my jaded perspective  and it’s all mine to have. Well, someone cured the insufferable predictability of it all.

Look, I’m not saying he’s a God or anything, but Bernard Manarin changed the way I saw life, through sheer cottons and triple washed Tshirts. No, seriously.

Bernard Good Version4

You thought only football brought out the pompoms for the underdog? Well, consider me a cheerleader of this new David vs. Goliath dichotomy: Bernard vs. Fashion. The following isn’t a story about anything, really. This is a story about a clothing brand you’ve never heard of;  NTHNG.

To kick this off, let me just say Bernard is one of the most self-deprecating men I’ve ever met. Point blank. But he’s also the most selfless man I know. This is a man driven by heartbreak, let downs, and blatant disrespect (that he took everything he had and went to work for himself) and giving a huge finger to everyone who said nay. He found the driving force from hell: pain and anger – a frightening combination and put it into a hat. Like, an actual hat.

Okay, it’s more complicated than that, but how do you even describe what it’s like to lose yourself in someone and be split apart only to be torn in half again yourself? You create a story. This was step one of the ‘FCK VWLS’ (read as fuck vowels) concept. There’s no U and I, get it? They’re vowels. Better yet it’s the representation of all those relationships, romantic or not, that drove him to feel this emptiness likened only to the void of space itself. Bernard described this as the antitheses to the love story, sort of.

“Funny enough, NTHNG wasn’t always this “dark” brand it was going to be this cookie cutter heritage inspired line.”

Bernard Good Version2

As edgy as this all seems, it came out of real emotion, and not just some fleeting fantasy of creating clothes for the sake of, well, being a designer. His brand is more than just a clothing line; it’s his proverbial punching bag. There’s also the hype. Just because you may not have heard about it, NTHNG is amassing attention from the most respected people in the industry. From Taiwan to New York, the explosion onto the online street game is going to make for one hell of a cruel summer. (Kanye reference not applicable)

This means only so much for the NTHNG team. To be honest, they look at the world through a lens reserved for very few. Bernard himself always laments about what he calls the internet gangster, these kids running a muck online. It’s Google journalism, and Bernard will have none of it.

“Kids these days, put down books and look shit up on the internet and think they know it all.” 

Bernard definitely knows one thing, and that’s how to transcend his skills into something worth the wait. Keep an eye out for this one, because before you know it, you might just miss something, or nothing; it’s really up to you.   

Bernard Good Version3



Neil Watson

Editor At Large