“Launched in May 2010, A&H is a digital magazine dedicated to men who want not only the best out of life but the best out of themselves. We are a collective of men from around the globe, we present unique experiences that span men’s style, travel, cuisine, culture, life and goals.

We believe in a balanced life as much as we believe in experiencing it. We engage beyond what we think is possible to reach heights we’ve yet to attain and we challenge. We speak to the aficionado and the connoisseur, the man undaunted by big dreams and climbing higher.

You may see us as a proverbial sherpa, a guide through the winding journey of life. So let us cut down the bush ahead, and clear a path full of inspiration, a path to a life well lived.

Partner with us, learn from us and grow with us.”

The A&H Family

Corey Knight, Founding Editor & CFO
Neil Watson, Editor in Chief & Creative Director
Ryan Neeven, Editor at Large
Thierry Augustin, Content Director
Cameron Knight, Art Director