A&H Bites: The Smith Midtown

The Smith 2

The Smith’s Midtown location is a beautiful space offering impeccable service and jovial laughs from neighboring tables. As you enter pass the double doors, you’ll be greeted by three twenty-something ladies waiting to seat you. With their smiles bright and the ambiance appropriately welcoming first-time visitors (and locals alike), one can easily feel cozy. The seating is unique: communal tables for large crowds and miniscule ones for couples looking to enjoy their meal in romantic solitude. The waiters and waitresses are on point, not straying for too long and never too aggressive to be at your service—allowing steady, smart conversation to flow over a delicious meal. If there’s anything we can definitely recommend, please start your evening at The Smith Midtown with artichoke flatbread. We’ll leave the rest of the visit up to you. The Smith Midtown


  • Garlic Spinach
  • Jumbo Shrimp
  • Artichoke Flatbread
  • Agave Lemonade
  • Tagliatelle


956 Second Avenue, New York, NY

Phone: (212) 644-2700