Culture Calender: 8/10/12 – 8/12/12

1. New York — Little Dragon In Prospect Park (8/10/12)

Music: Free Little Dragon concert guaranteed to fill quickly

Memo: The Swedish band Little Dragon will close out the last Friday of what has been a fantastic Celebrate Brooklyn! season in Prospect Park. The festivities have been rolling since June 5, but on Friday the 10, Yukimi Nagano and company will most likely draw the biggest crowd to the grounds. Oh, and one more thing: Get there super early if you want a good view. It’s free.

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2. Miami, FL — Art Walk (8/11/12)

Art: The art scene in Miami heats up

Memo: The second Saturday of every month the Wynwood area of Miami opens up to let creativity in. Regardless of the art scene slowing down in Florida during these scorching months, many galleries have some new exhibitions debuting. From food truck to music and great art. I think you now have something to do for Saturday night. For more info on art walk visit Beach Miami.

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3. Kentucky — Great Inland Seafood Festival (8/11/12)

Food & Drink: Indulge in a live lobster

Memo: We’d like to coin it “Seafood Saturday.” The Great Inland Seafood Festival will bring its scrumptious seafood to the Ohio River for good lobster, entertainment, and fair weather.

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4. New York — Waterside Plaza Dance Festival (8/12/12)

Festival: Local talent aims to please

Memo: Sunday evenings—Sundays in general—are for relaxing. It’s the first day of the week before the “Monday blues” approaches. Wind down while taking in refreshing, unique choreography from the likes of Yesid Lopez, Jacinta Vlach, and Shakti Mohan. Be sure to bring a friend or two to create a small memory to hold you until next weekend.

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5. Louisiana — Avoid the Heat this weekend

Food & Drink: New Orleans has the ice-cold goods

The sweltering heat of a Southern summer can be overwhelming and furthermore a burden. Stay cool over the weekend by purchasing a snowball from Pandora. As far as the flavors we recommend: coconut, mango, and watermelon. City Park is near, but we don’t suggest taking the stroll to it this time of year. Carpool to seek tree-lined shade.

Info: 901 N. Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA