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So the shopping season is upon us whether you like it or not, and if your like most of us you wait to the last possible time to go out and get all your gifts. Yes, we are all guilty of it but sometimes you can’t help waiting to the last minute. It’s always the busiest of seasons trying to get all your work wrapped up for the holiday break while trying to find the perfect gift for those people on your list. Don’t fret, that’s why put this list together to give you some great ideas that we think would make. Go ahead and pretend that you took a great deal of time thinking for the perfect gift for that someone in your life, we won’t be offended because that’s why we created this list for you guys:

The Carry on Cocktail Kit

Traveling can get a little monotonous at points, especially when you are bored on a flight for countless hours. The Carry on Cocktail Kit is ready to spice your  trip up by giving you the tools to be your own bartender in the sky.  The kit has everything you need to make two Old Fashions in flight, all you need to supply is the booze to complete the kit. If you are in first class you should get some alcohol for free or if you are the boozy-traveler you already have the nip bottles packed away in your carry on because you know that it complies with the TSA requirements of liquids. Winning. Sit back, sip your Old Fashioned, and relax.




Antica Cartotecnica Vintage Italian Notebooks

If your a creative, like ourselves, you are always carrying around a notebook to jot down things that inspire you while out and about so you don’t forget them later on. Why not keep your thoughts in these beautiful Vintage notebooks from Antica Cartotecnica, a family run stationary shop in Piazza dei Caprettarri in Rome. Each set comes with three notebooks that are different sizes as well as different colors, all neatly bundled with twine so no need to even gift wrap these. These Vintage notebooks date back to the company’s inception in 1930 which shows that these are not your average notebooks, these are alot more than that. You can find these right now on TRNK NYC‘s website along with some other great gift ideas.



Just A Men’s Shoe Loafer

Holiday parties are fun and all but it’s always hard to dress the right way for the party, do you dress up or is it just a casual affair. Adding a pair of loafers from Just a Men’s Shoe is the right decision in this case because they can be worn with a great tailored suit if it’s a more formal party or can be worn with a pair of selvage denim and a blazer for a more casual look. The contrasting tassels bring a more elegant look to the silhouette of the typical  penny loafer. Constructed with hand stitched Blake Welt soles and a soft leather insole with memory gel heel insert, these might be the comfiest pair of loafers you have ever slipped your foot into.

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Box Brew “Microbrewer” Kit

A beer nerd’s dream is to make his own beer that he bring and show off to all his friends and with the Box Brew “Microbrewer” Kit you can do just that. Most beer kits on the market are kind of an eyesore to have out on your kitchen counter but definitely not the Box Brew Kit. The base of the kit is available in either rustic pine, reclaimed wood, mahogany, or American Cherry. People might think your pulling a Breaking Bad on your kitchen counter with the chemist looking design of the kit which comes complete with everything you need to make 8-10 beers.  Bottle your beer with the Cobalt Blue bottles that can be purchased along with the kit and you are sure to make people be jealous of your newly acquired hobby of brewing your own beer.

Box Brew Kit


Kenyon City Grill

Living in a big city like NYC has its benefits but also some downfalls, like no backyard to have bbq’s or for that matter even have a grill. You pretty much have to go out to a restaurant to get that good bbq taste because you can’t grill anything like that up in your tiny apartment, but wait, you can. Yes I am telling you that you can have a a  grill in your apartment that gives you the same taste without the smoke setting off all your fire alarms, The Kenyon City Grill. Designed with city living in mind where open flame grilling is prohibited, its sleek engineering makes if virtually smokeless and without flare ups. Invite all your friends over for a bbq at your apartment, they are going to be as skeptical as you were at first until they taste the great bbq flavor of The City Grill.

City Grill


Navy Donegal Tweed Sportcoat from Beckett & Robb

Dress to impress this holiday season with the perfect winter Sportcoat from Beckett & Robb. No matter what type of party you are headed to, the Navy Donegal Tweed Sportcoat is the way to go because of its versatility to be worn casually or formally. A perfect fabric choice for the winter months,  the Super 110’s Italian milled tweed by famed Italian mill Vitale Barberis Canonico will keep you warm during those cold nights out on the town. Half canvas construction, light shoulder padding, 3.5″ wide notch lapels, and Elbow patches made of Loro Piana navy flannel, are just a few of the great details that this sportcoat boasts. Be the best dressed person in the room with this great Beckett & Robb sportcoat.



Greats Brand “Royale Natural Selection”

Who doesn’t like getting a pair of shoes for the Holidays? Nobody, shoes always make a great gift for anyone.  Especially when those shoes are the new Made in Italy pair of Great’s Brand Royale Natural. A very unique color leather produced by using Goat crust leather which was tanned but not finished which give them the ability to achieve a beautiful patina over time. Just like your favorite pair of raw denim that you have broken in enough that they are unique to you, these shoes will age and change over time and create a unique aging pattern that is unique to you. Built on a Margom sole and lined with full grain, vegetable tanned Vachetta leather, these are not your average shoes they are durable, supple and give you the feel of pure luxury. Only releasing 100 pairs of these beauty’s, make sure you get your hands on these before they are gone forever.

Greats Natural

Crystal Head Vodka

What is one thing that makes the crazy in-laws bearable during the holiday season, Vodka and lots of it. One of the best tasting vodka’s out there, Crystal Head Vodka, will do the trick. Made from  pristine waters of Newfoundland, Canada and a high quality grain that gives this vodka an unmatched smoothness in each sip. Each taste of this quality vodka gives you a very distinct taste from the first impression of hints of vanilla to a slightly peppery kick at the end, but overall a long mouth watering sensation dominates the taste. Perfect for the person who puts it over ice and sips it but also perfect for your favorite Holiday cocktails such as the CHV Negroni. Drink responsibly but enough to drown out the in-laws. Cheers!

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Sebago Campsides 360 Mid

Chukka season is in full effect with the onslaugth of cold weather and the dreaded snow. Keeping your feet warm and out of the snow is always a priority when picking out your shoes for the day, so make the smart choice and go with the Sebago Campsides Mid. A chukka version of the classic Sebago Campside handcrafted with premium leathers proved the finest quality in long-lasting, durable, leather goods. Handsewn construction engulfs your foot in a plush, comfortable leather lining  which absorbs moisture and gives your foot some extra comfort and  breathability. Step into warmth and comfort this Holiday season with these stylish Campsides from Sebago.

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Wood Super Thick Hand Cream by Portland General Store

Whether you enjoy the cold weather or absolutely despise it, like myself, Winter is brutal on your skin. Your hand’s take the biggest beating from the Winter weather because they dry out much more quickly than the rest of your body. The only cure for this situation is a hand cream that smells great and also moisturizes your skin so your hand’s don’t dry out and crack from the cold. Your solution to this problem is the Wood Super Thick Hand Cream from Portland General Store. Completely natural and scented generously with essential oils of cedar, hiba wood, patchouli, vetiver grass and vanilla, this is a manly scented hand cream that will make sooth those overworked hands. Grab your self a jar of this luxurious hand cream and protect yourself from the harsh effects of the winter.



Macana Messenger Bag

Handcrafted with a minimalist designed exterior which leads to a very intricate interior that reveals a living piece of human history, the Macana Messenger Bag isn’t your ordinary bag. As you open the bag you notice a very colorful fabric that is hand-woven using traditional Incan techniques. The Macana, or traditional Incan shawl, that lines the inside of the bag is hand-woven high up in the Andes Mountains using handmade looms, dyes from rocks, plants, and bugs harvested on top of the mountain. The patterns found in the fabric are symbols of indeginous life in Ecuador. Designed to be as functional as it is inspirational, the functions of the bag are meant to be helpful to stay organized while also being convenient to use. Built to last and to endure the test of time, the Ecuadorian vegetable-tanned leather looks better as it ages from the wear and tear that  you put the bag through. Perfect for the socially-conscious consumer but also perfect for the guy who want’s to look stylish when walking into work with a unique messenger bag. By purchasing this bag you help reinvest and preserve the traditions of Ecuadorian artisans still creating unique pieces like the Macana found in this Messenger bag.

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Monsieur Fox

Details are everything when it comes to dressing well. Everyone can go out and get well made suit but what sets you apart? How do you show you’re personality? We’ve been following Dubai based menswear brand Monsieur Fox for sometime now and they’re continuing to bring some really interesting pieces to the menswear market. Recently they debuted 2 new collections. The Around The World in 80 days collection of scarves and squares really got my attention scarves are a good piece for men and very under used as of lately. Also the Arabian Nights collection has some beautiful handmade cuff-links that make for great gifts.

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