A&H x Raindrops Toronto Essentials Guide

A&H Essentials is a new section we’ve developed showcasing our special projects, where we collaborate with the best brands and stores in the world. We document and research product and trends you may not have yet heard of. Consider yourself ahead of the curve just by reading this.  In this edition we’ve teamed up with a shop in Toronto, Canada aptly named Raindrops. Located in the bustling heart of Yorkville, the affluent downtown hub that caters to the most luxurious shops in the city. Store owner, and buyer Natalie Jurcic gave our editor Neil Watson a tour and some insight on why you won’t find her products in your average store.

I believe umbrellas vary so much in style, but really, they all perform one basic function. When it comes to protecting yourself from a downpour, there are some details that go far beyond esthetic pleasure. Italian designers often hide these technical functions within their craftsmanship. Take the Pasotti Ombrelli line up, who have been building umbrellas since 1956. Or the crowning jewel that is Maglia Francesco who to this day, still produce everything by hand in no less than 70 steps. Their designs rival that of any fashion house, yet, having a solid singular shaft made of solid hand stained wood not only looks rakish, but is build to last a few decades. These can be heirlooms if taken care of properly.

This same principle lends itself to outerwear. There is much to be appreciated by the use of practicality and ingenuity, whilst maintaining great style. A brand I had never heard of, making portable jackets with their own waterproof travel bag, and all small enough to fit into my tote? This didn’t sound ground breaking, until I put on a Mack in a Sac jacket. This came with all the trappings of my conventional rain shells. Yet, it weighed less than my ipad! Tapped seams, ripstop nylon and of course a hood, and yet did not make me feel like a large garbage bag. For the weekend warrior, Natalie showed me this great field jacket from Happy Rainy. There is definitely something to be said of a classic, but this jacket just fit so well. More importantly it is waterproof. No, not water resistant but 100% waterproof. As in jump in a puddle and stay dry.

This is the best of the best, and would not make our Essentials list otherwise. Trust us when we say Raindrops is serious about keeping you dry in the best possible way. Take a look through their site HERE, or better yet, pass by and get an education on rainwear. We promise you will not be disappointed.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large