An Open Letter From Our Editors

Pitti Uomo Street Style

-Christopher Dam:

Where to start: First- this is not some sort of “I need a public forum in which I can vent and complain about yadda yadda yadda.” Consider it an educational experience; one that I hope you’re able to take something from. I’ve given this plenty of thought in the last year or so and it’s about time I put the pen to paper (or key stroke to screen?) . Without further ado:

Yes- we obviously have a great interest/investment in menswear. I wasn’t born with it,  but rather grew into it after my trip to Europe (which you need to do before you’re 30). Things have obviously changed. As friend Tyler Thoreson said, “menswear is having a moment”- which I couldn’t agree with more. But, it’s deeper rooted than just clothes. Take this the wrong way for all I care, but there’s a major shift happening in our society. No longer is it “weird” to be “weird”. Creative thinkers, thought-provokers, and artists in their crafts are finally jumping off their personal diving boards and into the depths of life. There’s no longer a fear of “what if”. Our generation is learning to express themselves- not only through the work they create, but the places they visit, people they meet, clothes they wear, and interests they gain

I invest in the way I live.  No, I’m not selfish, conceded, or snobby because I wear a blazer + short trousers and show my ankle. We all should have learned from a young age never to judge a book by it’s cover.

-Neil Watson:

The idea that there is a resurgence in men caring about the way they dress is sad. Why wasn’t this just an on-going thing? It really begs the question of where the hell it went in the first place. I swear, that whole three year thing with the rhinestone denim phase was just… yeah. Needless to say the metro-sexual movement was a dark time in everyone’s past. Yes you too, the guy flamboyantly waving the rainbow flag… we get it, you like clothes too.

What ever happened to just not giving a f*ck? The Marlboro man and Daniel Day-Lewis in basically everything he’s ever been in -oh, and just real life him. These guys just really didn’t care what you had to say.

So, let’s all put on our big boy pants and lighten up a little… no body is taking your picture mid-stride as you exit Dean and Deluca, well unless you’re Nick Wooster. Then even tourists find you interesting.



Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine