Anagni Athens

Handmade. This stuff is carved from the stone itself. Not machined. A rarity alltogether. The company was simply founded on the belief that less is more, and that with quality and passion one can produce things made to inspire. These aren’t just bits of jewellery or trinkets, these pieces were meant to pass down to kin. The idea came to Konstantinos, owner and designer, while searching for something to wear. Being a man of distinct taste, he was frustrated with the lack of beautiful yet masculine accoutrement in the market. So, like many innovators, he wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, rather smooth it out a bit. Alas, a year and change later, he emerged with an (he says work in progress) almost perfect piece of art. We seldom use perfection as an adjective, but in all seriousness, it’s pretty damn near close. To see some of the work Anagni has produced thus far, look HERE. But of course, Konstantinos takes custom orders too…



Neil Watson

Editor At Large