Andres Sendra – One Hundred Years of Shoe making

Generation after generation, they preserve and master every one of the secrets behind the shoes that Andres Sendra began back in 1913 in his small factory in Almansa, Spain alongside his brother and a small team of artisans.

Fast forward to today, Javier Sendra, his grandson and executive director of the company, wants to pay tribute to the great creator of the brand. He is launching Andrés Sendra Shoes as a way to pass on directly to the public all the wisdom and classic footwear design that his grandfather knew how to instill into the future.

Andrés Sendra offers a wide range of different soles, including leather with beveled and channeled finishes, ultra light rubber, and even leather soles with injected rubber combining maximum comfort and resistance. The Goodyear stitching that he employed for making both tough boots and dress shoes very soon earned him an outstanding reputation and the highest quality leather is used to manufacture all of their shoes: French box calf from Tenneries du Puy & Annonay, suede from the English company Charles F. Stead, and the best premium quality Spanish leather.

Sendra recently debuted their long awaited website and e-store, our favorite section is the custom shoe page.  On this page Andres has made it so that you can pick your model of shoe and choose everything from shoe, sole and lining color. It seems as if exciting times are ahead in mens shoes and Andres Sendra will definitely be apart of it for another 100 years.




Christopher Crossley

Founder of Modern Connoisseur. Reporting from Trinidad and Tobago. Advocate of a bon vivant lifestyle.