Are You Living Your Life

life goals

Over the years our society has trained us to approach life in such a serious matter at an early age that we usually let life take us on this unforgiving journey until we hit our late 20’s. Then for a quick second we step back, look around and realize that we have allowed the confines of college debt, a regular pay check and health insurance to strap us into a job that we are unhappy with. We have stopped living and now merely existing. Now we perform mundane tasks in-between facebook and twitter updates. We wake up 7 days a week but only look forward to 2 of them. Is that life? When’s the last time you woke and smiled, excited for the day? When was the last time you enjoyed and/or look forward to waking up- not including weekends or holidays or another day off of work? Are you really living your life or just existing?

So many people look at successful people as if they are the “lucky ones”. As if for some reason things lined up for them and only them and because they have been “blessed” they are successful and truly enjoying all that life has to offer. That way of thinking is nothing short of lazy and an excuse to feel sorry for yourself. Those successful people got up and worked for what they have. They are given the same 24 hours each day as everyone else. The difference is they decided to do something with their time. So what did they do? How can you start living your life?

These so-called lucky people had an awareness that they weren’t happy with their lives. After that realization the next step was to figure out a goal. Goals are usually confused with dreams. While similar, the difference is, goals are written down. This may sound like a menial task but do it! Write down your goals in a small journal, something you have to come back to and see on a regular basis. Next, a plan of execution was written (use that same journal). Think about the steps needed to take to achieve your goals and write them down. This is another area that people fall short. Most think that if it’s in the cards for them to reach a certain goal it will just happen. Odds are, it won’t. Those successful people you look at in amazement didn’t just let “luck” find them, they planned their lives. They developed goals and a way to achieve those goals. Most of us wouldn’t hop in a car and go cross country without Google maps on our phone or a map in our hands directing us where to go, would we? No, we do research, we get the address to where we want to go, we make sure Google can find it, we print the directions, we take all precautions we can and then get on our journey. If we do all that planning just to drive from one place to another, why wouldn’t we take the time to plan our lives?

After planning, comes the last step that truly separates us all. I’m a firm believer that for the most part 95% of us are created equal but what divides people is work ethic. A Roman poet once said, “Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work.” We can become aware that we are not happy, figure out our goals and devise a plan to reach those goals but if we don’t work towards them, all of it is for not. The world isn’t setup for all of us to be successful. It’s going to be damn hard for you to reach your goals but it’s not impossible. There will be sleepless nights, there will be long days but at some point it will all be worth it. That day that you wake up with a smile on your face looking forward to the days activities begins the day you are truly living your life.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.