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I’m usually not the one for body painting due to its corny nature. I came across a picture that stopped me in my digital browsing tracks.  This, by far, is some of the most interesting body artwork I have ever seen. Chinese-born and Toyko-based artist Pinpin Co is the artist behind the pen.

After stuyding architecture for 7 years, Pinpin had no idea she was an artist. “I think my diploma work, ‘A plan of the city,’ was a start as an artist. I regarded face as an city, and draw a map on picture of the face. Then, connected each drawing of the map and made a huge city map. This was a beginning and I started to draw on people.”

She calls her work a therapeutic process, capturing the physical and mental scars of her subjects. “When I draw on people, I communicate with the model. Face has so much history and story.  We talk a lot even about private thing . It is a important point in my work. So when I choose the model, I think about relationship between he or she and me.”





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Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.