Artist: Bad Panda

Twitter is such a great tool. I’m able to meet people that possible I would never have if it wasnt for this digital phenom. I love an artist that is just passionate about his craft. If you in Miami and happen to see a angry Panda, it’s Vince Herrerra, Miami’s best Uncommissioned artist aka Bad Panda. Hanging pieces of artwork all over Miami and leaving them there for people to take home Vince Says ” I like to sit back and watch how many people walk by it and never notice there is a framed painting hanging from a tree. People today are just completely desensitized to everything. We are surrounded by beautiful shit and ugly shit on a daily basis. People don’t stop to enjoy the beauty and most of us shrug off the ugliness.”

Vince Herrera began sketching at 14, and later moved to painting and mixed media, often incorporating discarded building materials and found pieces in his projects. With a philosophical edge and distinctly pop sensibility, Herrera’s work serves as a candy-colored wake up call to the desensitized urbanite. His message goes far beyond the canvas however, as Herrera’s subtle and quirky approach to street art has fans sometimes finding pieces hung with gallery precision in such unexpected places as tree trunks and street signs.

“Part of the fun is watching people pass by and not see the art staring them in the face,” says Herrera. “It just shows how unaware we can be of the beauty, and the ugliness, all around us. Hopefully I can change that.”

The goal of Vince’s art is to make you stop thinking about yourself, your problems, your whatever, and say “what the f%*k is this painting doing here”. I want people to stop and question, enjoy and take home. If no one question’s, there are no answers. Society builds on people asking questions and creative thinkers coming up with answers.

You can learn more about Vince “Bad Panda” Herrera at



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.