Artist Marcus Jansen

marcus jansen artist

I tend to fall in love with art that crosses genres, art that ends up finding a place of its very own to exist and the work of Marcus Jansen does just that. I came across Marcus Jansen through my friend and artist Veron Ennis and have been enthralled with his work ever since. The New York Times discribes Jansen’s work as a “surrealistic asphalt jungle.” The former Director of the traveling American Vanguard Exhibitions Europe in 1961, who worked closely with Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, noted Jansen’s work as reminiscent of the Ash-can School and referred to Jansen as the originator of a new movement he called “Urban Expressionism”.

marcus jansen artist

His paintings have their own niche. They’re totally unique …. I have a roladex in my mind of all the paintings throughout history … and I’ve never seen anything like these before.” – Donald Miller [Art critic and columnist]

While I love a number of Jansen’s work. My favorite is the Faceless Series. The “Faceless” paintings all show men in suits and ties, with faces smeared, blotted out and or removed entirely to reveal the iconic Hollywood sign on the horizon.  Regardless of how they are disfigured you have no idea who these people are but you know they are men of power.

The series has to do with mystery, secrecy and corporate characteristics in a business world and the personalities that conduct it. Who are these people in these portraits, what can we learn about them? The faceless series for me centers more around mood, mystery and feeling that is immediately imposed on the viewer when seeing them,” – Jansen

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Corey Knight

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