Artist’s Den: HVRMINN

Minn Hurr, creative mind behind the brands HVRMINN, EPONYMOVS, and Vietto NYC, balances the nostalgic with the contemporary to mold his vision of timeless menswear. It is a forward adaptation of Jazz-age reflections. The brands are the result of his individuation, the convergence of inspiration and interpretation that define his aesthetic. “My intention from the onset was to be accessible. That’s a tenet of good design. Products should be well-informed, carefully constructed but also not too expensive where it is out of reach for the general public.” It’s a goal that is easy to misconstrue, considering HVRMINN is a bespoke service that can be a bit pricey, especially being made in America at the iconic Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn. But Hurr contends that, little by little, his ultimate dream is being realized: “What I’m trying to do has nothing to do with stratification. I started in made-to-measure in order to find the best quality to bring to the ready-to-wear market. This collection through EPONYMOVS and my outerwear line Vietto NYC allows me to deliver a superb product at a more effective price. And I’ll continue to find ways to increase that access.”

We spoke at their offices in the garment district of Manhattan, and I thought it a perfect reflection of his creative vision. The furnishings and literature all assuaged the concept and structure behind the clothing. The exaggerated lapels and elongated jackets capture the comfort and ease of his ideal silhouette. “The clothing you wear should be attractive. I want our customers to feel sexy, charismatic, masculine.” The collection combines vintage elegance with a modern sensibility. “I’m not a ‘reproductionist’ as it were. I have a healthy respect for a particular era that serves as inspiration but I’m not trying to bring the aesthetic back. I want to push it forward. And balancing between artistic vision and business savvy to find a market that really appreciates what we make is how we’ll continue to expand.” And with a new online interface slated for this summer, they’ll be reaching a larger audience very soon.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.