Aston Martin and the New Vanquish

Since 1913 Aston Martin has continued to combine power, beauty, and soul in every model that has been released. So it is no surprise with the release of The new Aston Martin Vanquish, inspired by the One-77, the nearly 100-year-old brand does not disappoint.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez, said: “Vanquish is the ultimate expression of Aston Martin design ethos, engineering innovation and technical ability. It offers luxurious, continent-crossing capability and pure driving excitement without compromise.”

Craftsmanship and beauty is something we hold dear to our hearts at A&H. Likewise, Aston Martin is celebrated  within the automobile industry for those very same things. The visual language of Aston Martin is highly distinctive, yet classically inviting. The more I researched into Aston Martin, the more I saw how the brand relates directly to the appreciation of a well made suit; the beauty is in the details.

Aston Martin The New VanquishDirector of Design, Marek Reichman, set out to take the classic exterior lines of the classic Aston Martin GT yet give them a modern day update for the new Vanquish. From initial concept to final production, from hand craftsmanship to high-tech computer simulation, uniqueness is inherent—as it is with the Aston Martin customer. The designers have worked hard to pay attention to the finer details of all the materials used, with the carbon fiber weave direction a good example of this. It has been designed, and is constructed, to flow precisely with the car’s elegant shape. Just as with the exterior, the design teams were tasked with redesigning the Vanquish’s interior to give it a more complete and high quality finish. The result is an all-new interior that is more roomy, comfortable, and luxurious than ever.

At the end of it all, you have an aggressive yet beautiful masterpiece, possessing 565 horsepower, reaching speeds of 183 miles-per-hour, going 0-60 in 4.1 seconds—I will take two please.

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” – Perry Paxton. Someone over at Aston Martin must have lived by above quote when the new Vanquish was conceived.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.