Backes & Strauss – ‘Meeting of The Masters’ Episode 1

Backes  Strauss


It’s no secret that at the heart of A&H is an appreciation for the mastering of craft, and this is more than prevalent in the world’s oldest diamond masters, London’s Backes & Strauss. I’m a firm believer than luxury has less to do with the name on the label, or the logo on the dial and a great deal more about the skill, honed over years of work, that goes into the strive for perfection that the few makers like Backes & Strauss manage to embody.

In this the first of a three part video series we get a look into the work of the company’s dial makers as they craft the beautiful dials we so adore to admire. Be sure to stay tuned to A&H for the next installment of the series.




Tom W. Ayling

London Editor for A&H, Tom Ayling studies Literature in the ancient Scottish town of St Andrews and blogs on The Holy Trillity.