Barker Black, NYC

Barker Black is exactly how I pictured it would be; situated on a quiet street in NoLita. The shop itself is tiny and quaint: A place that you might find yourself on a Saturday afternoon reading the paper. There’s no rush, push, or energetic sales team eager to make a quick commission. Most days you’ll find Toure’ behind the register, and to be honest, his interest is for those who visit to have a genuine educational experience. You see, Barker Black’s shoes and loafers aren’t like those you currently have on your feet.

Derrick Miller, the mind behind Barker Black, continues to design and produce exquisite shoes in the industry. These aren’t your run of the mill shoes that you’ll end up hiding in the back of your closet.  These are the cream of the crop; mens’ shoes that are made the way all shoes should  be made. They’ve stuck with their “bench-made” mentality, even into the 21st century. They’ve also begin carrying leather belts, which I may add serves as icing on top of the cake.

Barker Black, which dates back to the late 1800’s, still holds true to their renowned craft and workmanship. They haven’t joined the masses and began to produce using machines and pushing out as many shoes as they possibly can. It takes time, creativity, innovation, and more importantly, craftsmanship to design and build a Barker Black shoe. They’ve upheld the same philosophy that Mr. Arthur Barker had initially created. And that, my friends, is something that should be cherished in our modern day.





Christopher Dam

Christopher Dam is a senior writer/photographer with A&H Magazine