BEE Clothing Outerwear

“Creating clothing without compromise – believing that ‘performance’ doesn’t have to be worn on your sleeve and that balancing function with form is what makes a garment truly wearable and covetable.”  -Benjamin Crane, Founder of Bee

This quote pretty much describes Bee Outerwear and is the idea behind each piece of outerwear designed by menswear designer, Benjamin Crane. Hailing from London in 2012, the Bee brand was formed by a belief that clothing labeled as high performance can also be very stylish and fashionable at the same time. Fusing fashion, form and function all into a great collection of outwear crafted from only premium fabrics and advanced materials, each jacket is unique to a certain type of activity that you will be doing when wearing the coats.

The maiden collection of outerwear is based on the idea of making the products from the fabric of society, using fabrics that reflect the everyday happening of men at work, traveling and relaxing in the city. Being meticulously crafted in the UK, each design in the collection has their own unique details to fit the type of activity you will be wearing the outerwear at. Reflective taped seams and oil and dirt resistant are just some of the subtle details featured in the Commuter cycle jacket. The Festival Jacket has all gentlemen who wait for the bus or train on those cold rainy days in London covered, the jacket has a waxed fold down seating panel that creates a waterproof barrier between wearer and nature.  With winter coming so soon, Bee has a jacket for just about any weather type that you will be experiencing in the next couple months. Limited to only 20 pieces of each style, these innovative pieces will definitely go fast so hurry up and grab yours today before you get left out in the cold, literally.



Ryan Neeven

|Editor at Large, A&H Magazine| Travel Well, Travel Often.