Bora Bora

How often do you sit back and say to yourself, “I could really use a vacation?” We’re all busy, but working as hard as we do makes taking fantastic vacations all the more rewarding. So now the question to ask yourself is where to take this vacation! And the answer, my friend, is Bora Bora. (The island so nice they named it twice.)

Bora Bora is a Tahitian Pacific fantasy island known for its magical scenery and unbelievable beauty. The azure water and sheer black rock that dominates the backdrop is exquisite. The lagoon is the most treasured feature, where you can water ski, snorkel, scuba dive, windsurf—anything water related really.

la villa maha,bora bora

Photos of La Villa Mahana

Of course most resorts on the island have incredible restaurants (see above), but to get the full Tahitian experience you must travel to the local eateries and markets. Most of the local restaurants are located on the main island and they are small so plan ahead and enjoy the local flavors. Another way to get the full experience it to get some snacks from the grocery store. You can enjoy French baguettes, salami, French cheeses, fresh fruit, and other popular island fair for very little expense—a great way to save some money without loosing the experience.

So, the next time you feel over-worked and in need of a getaway, think Bora Bora! Work hard and vacation well.




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