Brand Mechanics: CT Scuderia

A third-generation watch maker, Enrico Margaritelli started out “creating stories for others, but when you make watches for yourself, it reflects your lifestyle.” We had the chance to meet at The Promo Factory during a brief visit to New York City. The talented designer is a product of his DNA: his grandfather was a highly specialized manufacturer, making precision instruments with a very technical expertise. His father focused on commercialization of product. “My instinct was to combine those two pools of experience and create my own brand”, says Margaritelli. From the beginning, he knew he would be independent. “It was very natural for me to be a leader, to pioneer that transition”, continues Margaritelli, speaking of the shift in production philosophy when he established CT Scuderia.

Having managed projects for the likes of Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Fossil, overseeing every aspect from concept to construction, he knew that he would be very comfortable launching his own. After all, it is an expression of his passion. His history as a professional motorcycle racer gave him a unique perspective: “Racing and watch-making are to different dimensions but the common thread is mechanics. There is something very beautiful about the attention to detail and technical artistry that goes into making both.” It is all about design: finding something that is appealing and functional, something pleasing to affix and enjoy, but also solves a tangible problem. “If you want more speed on a motorcycle you’d have to analyze, configure, and manufacture something that would make it possible, just as how you would approach making a watch more accurate.” The Café Racer concept is a melding of his two loves. “I never make watches for a particular market or consumer. I think, ‘what would I like on my wrist?’ And that involves the size, materials, colors. It’s a very organic process. I saw parallels between two things that I’m very passionate about and wanted a way to merge them. And that’s what this brand accomplishes.”

That personality has been very well-received, making CT Scuderia a legitimate competitor in the luxury watch market. This Due Tempi‘ captures that essence with it’s dual time zone display; inspired by the very popular Café Racer bike, the Kawasaki 500cc, which has a 2 stroke engine.The product is the expression of his maturation throughout time, the winding routes and shifting scenes that all leave their mark. “Anything you like, you collect; be it motorcycles, watches, art. There is something about being surrounded by what you enjoy that inspires new vantage points and ideas for progress.” And as the journey continues, I’m certain the road of life will provide ample material to draw from.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.