British Invasion: Savile Row meets Fifth Avenue

Richard James, having recently celebrated its twenty year anniversary on the Row, collaborated with Langham Place Hotel in midtown to provide consultations and fittings for stateside clientele. Though sales and construction are completed in London, Richard James is doing what it had always done: bridging the gap. Toeing the line between progressive trends and the pedigree of English craftsmanship, Richard James made an immediate impact in 1992, initially to the chagrin of contemporaries. “We were the first shop to open on a Saturday,” explains Garrett, a cutter and jacket maker. “That simply wasn’t done.” And Richard James continued to innovate the customer experience, turning his space on Savile Row away from the usual stuffy boy’s club. quote1“Traditional English tailoring is really quite eccentric (with the likes of Tommy Nutter in the 60’s), he (Richard James) wanted to inject some fun back into the business, but not at the expense of technique.” Richard James’ goal was and remains to maintain a fashion sensibility while also highly regarding the influence of his predecessors. This trip ‘across the pond’ is definitely in line with that vision.


Considering that both brands are luxury destinations for the discreet and discerning, the pairing only  made sense. “Langham Place is all about contemporary, sophisticated, stylish luxury, which…, also defines Richard James.” This was a great chance for long time customers and bespoke novices alike to interact with the Richard James staff, one of many visits to come. The Langham is fitting, bookended by the most grandiose thoroughfare of fashion retail on 5th Avenue and some juggernauts of the business and finance world. And having recently closed a deal on expressly British ownership, the Union Jack flying out front makes the Langham a home away from home for the Richard James team; a unique blend of hospitality and style.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.