Budd Shirt Makers of London


There are many shirt makers in the world but only a select few boast the sort of reputation that spans the Atlantic and boast fans the world over. Budd Shirt Makers in London are one tailor who can be classified in this category and this is testament to the quality of the bespoke dress shirts and accessories that they create.

Founded in 1910, Budd Shirt Makers remain in the same small London shop in Piccadilly Arcade, West London, in which the business began and, despite these humble surroundings, their reach is extensive to say the least. They boast a handful of skilled tailors who operate above the shop floor and regularly fly to New York to supply their Budd bespoke dress shirts to those who can’t live without their exemplary attire.


In terms of comfort, style and sartorial standing, there really is no garment more central to this than the bespoke dress shirt and there is no finer purveyor of this item of clothing than that of Budd Shirt Makers. With a rich history of providing bespoke shirts and accessories to some of the world’s most stylish individuals, it is little surprise that they have garnered such a formidable reputation in what is a highly competitive industry.

There is simply no comparison between finely tailored shirts and those typically found in your high street stores and it when you find the right tailor, you will definitely know it because the comfort of your shirts will be beyond compare. Budd Shirtmakers are a London institution and the classically trained tailors that they have working in the cutting room boast a wealth of experience in crafting the very best vestments and garment for any well turned out gentleman.


To find out more about this exceptional tailor, visit www.buddshirts.co.uk.