Building Blocks: Shallow I think not

“Anyone overly concerned with how they look must be shallow.” You know it and I know it we judge people based on looks before anything else. It’s nature. A man with holes in his clothes, matted hair and gloves with the fingers cut out, he’s a bum. A young kid in a wife beater and jeans under his butt, well he’s a thug. When you see a man neatly dressed in well fitting clothes you think “hmm he must have money”.  It’s what we do, we judge. So if that is the case, out of the 3 people described here which one would you want to be?  My father taught me to dress the part, dress how you would like to be addressed. First impressions matter and that first one is sight.  So dressing well or being concerned with how you look isn’t shallow, it’s being honest enough with yourself to realize how the rest of the world views each other.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.