Building Blocks: Success

I’m a firm believer success is a choice. We make decision on a daily basis, where we are in life at this very moment is not because of what someone else did to us, it’s because we  made a decision, we made a decision to put us somewhere or we made a decision to react to something someone did to us. However in the end it’s all on us. Recently I have been thinking a lot about this and doing some research into successful people and there seems to be something that groups all of them together. Successful people realize that they are responsible. They realize that no one else can control where they want to be, except for themselves. Those that take on this responsibility seem to be those that are successful. It is so easy to blame others through life. Acceptance of responsibility is the crucial starting point of a successful life. None of the practical techniques for achievement are of value unless YOU first realize that YOU can take control of your life.

This is something I realized 2 years ago when I found myself jobless and looking for a job I know I wouldn’t be happy with. I think some of us have to hit rock bottom to realize what we want out of life. With all that we have at our disposal nowadays, there are too many opportunities to succeed. You can make business partnerships and sign contracts with people around the world in your pajamas while watching Judge Judy.  Now, your choice won’t guarantee you success, but it will open the door just a tiny bit wider, and each choice you make after that opens the door just a little bit more. Success may never walk in, or success may walk in tomorrow – but success will never walk in if you don’t put some effort into opening that door and putting out the welcome mat.

Let me know your thoughts.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.