Casual For Too Long

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It’s not dressing up if you do it everyday. One of my favorite quotes stands as: “…excellence is not an act but a habit.” It is the process of attempting, assessing, refining, and repeating that will ultimately form our taste. But for too long, men have embraced a complete lack of care, not the casual nonchalance intimated by Luciano Barbera when defining ‘sprezzatura’ but a legitimate disregard of self. Style is an education and, as with most things in life, taking the easy way out tends to have results which reflect that very level of effort.

I get it. Sometimes it’s a hassle and that pair of Crocs or Birkenstocks seem way more inviting than your semi-brogue. But did ever stop to wonder why those are even in your closet? Guys, stop settling for the next ‘best’ thing. You complain about comfort when you bargain hunt for shoes instead of investing in something that can actually take a beating. Your jeans cost more than your phone plan yet you balk at the price of a custom suit that can last for years. Your poorly heat transferred t-shirt from that ‘luxury’ brand just burned a hole in your wallet. And let’s not even mention belt buckle advertising. You have a gym membership but not a local tailor. Do you cut your own hair too? I’m tempted to ask “what’s the point?”.

In one week, we’ll be in Florence for Pitti Uomo 86 surrounded by gents who just get it, who encourage sartorial discourse, and engage in healthy debate over nuances of men’s attire. You don’t need to get bogged down in the minutiae but you do need to get a grip. Some things never change. Well-dressed men do better. So do better.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.