Catching Up with Randolph Engineering

If you’re an eye wear connoisseur, then Randolph Engineering rings a familiar bell. With a rich history, the company is staying at the forefront of eye wear providers. We wanted to know what’s new and up-and-coming from the brand. Mary Waszkiewicz informed us about what’s happening in R.E.’s world.

A&H: Is Randolph Engineering’s creative direction thriving?

Mary Waszkiewicz: Yes, we have a masculine/utilitarian aesthetic unique to Randolph. Ironically, it’s our focus on function that makes us fashionable.

A&H: Any interesting upcoming projects?

MW: Always. We’re wrapping up the design for next year’s Michael Bastian collaboration at the moment. We’ve also commissioned a designer to create a dress completely made of sunglass frame parts, lenses, and case materials. I’m really excited to see the final product on a gorgeous model.

A&H: What are some of the strategies Randolph Engineering uses to remain one of the top eye wear providers in the world?

MW: We’re constantly striving for the best quality possible, pushing both our vendors and our manufacturing staff for perfection. Since we’re privately-owned we have the luxury of upholding our own standards and selling at price points our customer can afford while keeping production in the U.S.A. Many of these standards were set by the U.S. military, which makes our product incredibly durable. We’re just as selective about our distribution, which is key for growing the brand in a relevant way.

A&H: What is your favorite Randolph Engineering model?

MW: It’s always changing, but right now I’m wearing the Michael Bastian for Randolph Compass 7 days a week. The temples wrap around the back of your ear so you can do just about anything without them falling off. I’m thinking about taking them skydiving this fall.

A&H: Recommended model for a first-time purchaser?

MW: You can’t go wrong with our Aviator. It’s so classic and looks great on most face-shapes.

A&H: What’s next for the company?

MW: We’re carefully expanding our worldwide distribution and designing new models for our standard line. Both initiatives are equally important for us right now.