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The best down under, your feet - Christian Kimber

The best down under, your feet – Christian Kimber

We rarely showcase brands at A&H, that we do not absolutely love. Christian Kimber is one of these brands. Just to show how small the Internet is, I stumbled upon his Tumblr about a year ago, and being the menswear enthusiast, I just couldn’t say no. I wanted more. His look was just so casual...
Manhattan Time Service - Luxury Watch Repair

Manhattan Time Service – Luxury Watch Repair

Luxury watches are the ultimate in status symbols and, if you’re donning a IWC, Breitling, TAG Heuer or Rolex, you will have laid out thousands of dollars on the piece and, resultantly, will expect the watch to last a lifetime. Such is the quality of craftsmanship of these exemplary watch brands, chances are that it will last...
Ursa Major Men

Ursa Major Men

Winter’s brutal. Cold weather, snowy nights, and most (if not all) women are in a deep hibernation (aka religiously reading People magazine and drinking wine). Local watering holes dry up and people just don’t come out of their dwelling. I, on the other hand, love winter. It’s a time to refresh and hit the new...
It's Time for Change

It’s Time for Change

For some reason, men in their mid-twenties seem to be in love with their book bags from college. They’ve graduated, landed a professional career, and oddly decide it’s best to tote around a Jansport- or worse, that terrible bag with their initials tattooed on the back. I have no quarrels with book bags, that is,...
The Menswear Obsession

The Menswear Obsession

You’re seeing it too, aren’t you? Those guys walking down the street, mid-winter’s morning, wearing an outfit straight out of the backwoods of Wyoming. It’s as if they’ve been transplanted into cities around the world. Some call it the “Americano” look;  buffalo plaid, dark washed denim, camp socks, and those every so-stylish winter boots. Oh,...
Libero Ferrero Case

Libero Ferrero Case

I normally wouldn’t be the type to write a single product review, but Libero Ferrero’s sunglasses have me running for my computer. The case is made from 100% custom vegetable tanned Horween leather, wool, and a bit of brass that brings it all together. We are typically used to getting the designers case, which is...