Editor's Pick- Denim Roundup

Editor’s Pick- Denim Roundup

If your jeans could tell a story, what would it tell? Your favorite pair tell their own story with you in the front seat, literally. From the good and bad times, your jeans were right there with you. You might not have taken them off for months straight because you wanted to break them in...
Monsieur Fox - Behind the Scenes

Monsieur Fox – Behind the Scenes

With the change in seasons comes the expected turn over in menswear collections. It seems like everywhere you look there is a new Spring/Summer campaign calling out for your attention. Don’t take this to say I’m not a fan or anything, but I seldom see the background story behind any of it. Perhaps it’s my...
Mind Your Neck- Shirt Guide

Mind Your Neck- Shirt Guide

The dress shirt  presents itself as such a daunting thing for being so straightforward in function- it’s only your first layer of clothing. Beyond the actual math of sizing, you have to deal with the endless fabric, pattern, collar and cuff styles available to you. It gets worse when you’re dealing with bespoke too.  On the upside...