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A Girls Perspective
A Girl's Perspective: Unplug

A Girl’s Perspective: Unplug

There are  few things more attractive than strength and ambition in a man. A man that is a hard worker and always on his game. However, such qualities also have their down side. That guy that is starting his own business or is up for partner is usually glued to his BlackBerry. Ambitious men are...
A Girl's Perspective: The Wonderful World of Ties

A Girl’s Perspective: The Wonderful World of Ties

Recently, I heard on CNN (my all-time favorite network—don’t judge me), this multi-billionaire mogul discussed his hatred for ties and if someone walked into his office wearing one he would literally cut it off with scissors! I immediately turned around in disbelief and yelled at the TV, “Are you serious?!” This is a true story....
A Girl's Prospective: No Girls Allowed

A Girl’s Prospective: No Girls Allowed

Menswear—the term itself screams testosterone! But is this world just for boys? When I was thrown into it, almost by accident, I truly fell in love with it. However, I often wondered where do I fit in? I’m a girl. I’ve always loved fashion, although I’m not an overly girly person. I’m a sarcastic dork...
A Girls Perspective: Fall is here

A Girls Perspective: Fall is here

For those of you that have been enjoying autumn for the past month or so, Good for you! But HOORAY for us in Florida, for today is the first day of great jacket weather. Here, people take advantage of anything under 70 degrees. They bust out their hats, gloves and coats because we don’t know...
A Girls Perspective: Shoe Love

A Girls Perspective: Shoe Love

Women use shoes as the finishing touch on an outfit; a way to add some flare, if you will. Men can do the same. With so many designers devoted to men’s clothing now a days there is no excuse not to find your finishing touch. Without shoes you don’t have a complete outfit. Shoe’s are...
A Girls Perspective: Labels are for Losers

A Girls Perspective: Labels are for Losers

Unfortunately our society is all about labels. It’s as if high school never really ends. You will always have your cool kids, pretty girls, nerds, band geeks, jocks, art freaks, etc. etc. Now that we’re all grown up you’d think those labels would go away but sad to say- They don’t. Blondes from L.A are...