A Gentleman Named: Khaled Nasr

A Gentleman Named: Khaled Nasr

A Gentleman Named series is a new concept created to shine light on men  we believe are stylish, interesting, and talented in their own unique way. We aim to delve into the minds behind it all, and delivery to you, our reader, an introspective into the lives of men you can learn from. Today we...
Artist's Den: Alexander Nash

Artist’s Den: Alexander Nash

A baritone saxophone wails softly in the background. The lighting is dim but pleasant in the ‘foyer’, rich woods and rusted metals provide structure to the apparel and accessories set strategically about the studio. It is eclectic but oddly consistent, a singular theme coursing through its proverbial vein, difficult to describe yet simultaneously undeniable. Some...
Artist's Den: 'title of work'

Artist’s Den: ‘title of work’

With a scattered skyline still under construction, fog masking the familiar landmarks and a case of the mid-day doldrums, the city almost seems serene as opposed to its normal frenetic pace. From his penthouse design studio in Chelsea, Jonathan Meizler straddles the line between art and commerce with ‘title of work‘. Launched in Fall 2011,...