Cavemen x OntFront

ontfront clothingMenswear label OntFront and the team behind a concept called Cavemen have joined together to create a philosophic fashion video. Cavemen is a poetic melting pot in which style, masculinity and the art of  storytelling are combined to add an extra dimension to fashion video and blogging. Respecting older vintage and preppy looks but still embracing modern day fashion,  the Cavemen team blends these signatures in newer street-style looks  using garments from the OntFront clothing line. Other garments featured  in this video originate from L’ecole National, Bailey hats and Flybird.   Using these garments, the OntFront store, the tributary brands and Cavemen managed to write yet another chapter in an ongoing style documentary.

Cavemen: Chapter I – We; who Wander. from SafiChristiaan on Vimeo.



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.