Charles Alexander Neckwear

Neckwear is essential to the gentleman’s wardrobe. Why? Simply put, there will always be an occasion where you’ll need to tie one on. From weddings to black tie events and the most obvious occasion being work, it’s important to know which knot best suits you. Furthermore, a beautiful necktie can be the accessory that makes an ensemble properly complementary. We had the honor of interviewing Charles Alexander about his self-named company, what tie looks most flattering on him, and why he’ll only stick to what he knows—neckwear.

How did you get into neckwear? What sparked your interest?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved ties. The feel of the silk, the construction, there’s nothing like it. It always seemed like the most exciting part of a businessman’s wardrobe. A nice tie just pulls an entire look together.

As for how I got into it, one day I asked one of my tailors in the fashion district here in NYC to make me a tie. It came out so good I had him make me some more. Then people I know wanted some made too. From there I started selling them and the demand got so great I had to hire a mill to weave silk for me. Then we hired a tailor in England. We worked them for months until we had it just right. Today, we are on our 8th collection and our quality is unmatched.

When was Charles Alexander founded?
 Around 2007 is when we incorporated.

What separates Charles Alexander neckwear from any other company?
 Most tie designers try to make something “different,” which usually means loud colors and styles that most men would never wear. I wanted Charles Alexander to focus on making beautiful ties that are actually wearable—something that would look great with a suit and last forever. We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the build of the tie and construction of the silk, and it shows in every one we construct. We do not cut corners on anything. We also go out of our way to make sure our customers are happy. I do my best to personally deal with everyone.

Explain the process that goes into creating a C.A. necktie.
 First I draw out a design, and from there I contact my mill in England. They mill the silk from scratch based on my drawing. Once I approve the “strike-off,” they finish the order. When they are done, they ship the finished silk to my tailors also in England. One month later the shipment comes to me here in NY. I personally inspect every tie for defects. After all that is done we ship it out to our customers.

The company exclusively specializes in silk neckwear, correct?

Yes, and only neckwear. I feel that a lot of men’s designers try to do too many things and end up being mediocre to everyone. I want us to just focus on making the best neckwear on the planet.

What is the average demographic of your customers?
Our demographic is quite diverse! Our customers range from young professionals to stylish retirees. Most of them live in metro areas. A LARGE number of our customers are from Australia surprisingly.

What is your favorite necktie knot? Why?
My personal favorite is the half Windsor, because I’m tall and a half Windsor allows for a longer tie. It always looks great with my ties because of the way they are weighted.

Where can Charles Alexander neckties be found?

Online at If anyone of your readers are interested they can get 10% by contacting us at Our new collection should be arriving fall 2012.