Chuck Close: Photorealist


The remarkable career of artist Chuck Close extends beyond his completed works of art. More than just a painter, photographer, and print maker  Close is a builder who, in his words, builds “painting experiences for the viewer.” Highly renowned as a painter, Close is also a master print maker, who has, over the course of more than 30 years, pushed the boundaries of traditional printmaking in remarkable ways.

Almost all of Close’s work is based on the use of a grid as an underlying basis for the representation of an image. This simple but surprisingly versatile structure provides the means for “a creative process that could be interrupted repeatedly without…damaging the final product, in which the segmented structure was never intended to be disguised.” It is important to note that none of Close’s images are created digitally or photo-mechanically. While it is tempting to read his gridded details as digital integers, all his work is made the old-fashioned way—by hand.

Here is Steven Colbert’s interview with Close.  It shows more paintings, as well as, the amazing process Chuck uses to construct his masterpieces.



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Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.