City of Shadows

Few pieces of art in this life capture the essence of a moment more so than a photograph. If pictures truly spoke a thousand words, the stories you’d probably hear from these images could write a book. Instead, you have an entire compendium of pictures capturing, as Curator Peter Doyle describes, “‘an intimate, raw and hauntingly beautiful record of the mysterious people and dark places of a Sydney lost’.”


Focusing on the victims, perpetrators and vicinities of crime, the original City of shadows introduced the world to the museum’s extraordinary and compelling collection of police forensic photography dating from 1912 to 1948.”


Unfortunately, if you do no live in Sydney, you cannot view the collection. However, they have an active BLOG which updates a few times a week. Also, you can view most of these pictures online by doing a bit of digging. Really allow yourself to understand the importance of these pictures, you may just begin to write a story yourself.



Neil Watson

Editor At Large