Clay Tompkins: New Label, Timeless Outlook

clay tompkins

English bespoke is state side. Distinguished, comfortable, and resilient with just the right amount of pop for the summer, Clay Tompkins’ royal blue Super 130 English gabardine trouser embodies the best in quality and design at a reasonable mark up. You truly get what you pay for. I took a tour of the Julian Hertling manufacturing facility, met with the highly esteemed Julian Hertling of Hertling Trousers (who was equally impressed with Clay’s vision and design). I was truly privileged to shake the hands that are integral in fashioning the brand and I thought it no greater endorsement than the weaving of the signature Hertling Oxford pocketing and piping into the Tompkins’ product.

”Everybody makes trousers” Clay says, “but you have to compete somewhere along the line, make it more elegant, and that’s what I chose… bespoke feature(s) that you will never find on a retail product in the United States.” The open lapped side seam is a throwback to turn of the century craftsmanship and ensures durability while adding a measure of stature, giving the leg a full length look with a contrived military stripe. The embellishment on the loop tab pocket closure is subtle yet poignant. The adjustable waistband keeps them true to form. “When you get dressed, it should be simple. Everything should fit perfectly so that once you put it on, you never think about it again. And that’s the whole aesthetic.”

clay tompkins pants

The trousers easily withstood the rigors of my commute: chasing down (and catching) a bus, tearing through flights of stairs, and just being steeped in the general hustle and bustle of New York City that comes with the recent inclement weather. Suffice to say, rushed never felt so cool.


When you begin a venture with your name attached, it is every bit a fashion statement as it is a declaration of character; the risks you take and the quality you provide. You pursue it with the same conviction you exhibit in your every day life. And that commands respect. Do yourself a favor and peruse the rest of the collection as well. Your style is a reflection of self value. It speaks to the very essence of you. “If I won’t wear it, I won’t sell it.” Simply iterated, consistently executed. Whatever you’re saying, you can be confident at life’s podium in a Clay Tompkins original.


Photos courtesy of Stephen Obisanya



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.