Close Up And Private Magazine Debut at Pitti Uomo

Close Up and Private Magazine PittiIn collaboration with Pitti Immagine Uomo, 08-11 January 2013, Firenze artist, innovator and designer Sergei Sviatchenko is set to debut Close Up And Private #01 The Yellow Issue. “Pitti Uomo is the greatest celebration of everything about menswear, it has commercial, cultural and historical value. What place could be better to show our contribution and devotion to the details of men’s clothes? And as Close Up And Private Close Up and Private Magazine Pittibecame a place where fashion images are taken on another level, into direction of more abstract thinking ,where clothes seen not as commercial objects, but as elements of a new aesthetic, our 1st printed version became a special guest at NEW BEAT(S): the new names of fashion research.” says Sergei.

In the language of style, Yellow is bold, confident and proud. Compromise plays no part when Yellow enters the sartorial mix. Maybe (just maybe) that’s why Yellow is both the cover and the title of Close Up And Private Magazine’s launch-issue. The Yellow Issue is a big, bold statement about style, men’s style, where the classic, the standard, the modest gesture is more important than trends, fads and that other f word… fashion.

I’m always leery of sites that have such success online and then dive into the world of print but Sergei has done it in a seamless fashion. Texture, clothe and hue become characters in this dramatic tryst  – a drama that refuses to reveal itself all at once, but rewards anew on each return viewing. In the mist of these signs and symbols is to be found an essay: ‘Exercises in Sartorial Dematerialization’ by contributing editor Angelo Flaccavento – a wealth of clues and wisdom for those who know where to look.

Close Up and Private Magazine Pitti

As to why Sergei decided to dive into the world of print he says “There were so many requests from our viewers to have CUAP images as a book – to hold and to leaf through. Or as one viewer wrote: “To read, enjoy, snap pictures of. “ And as we both Nello and I have experience with printed materials, we wanted  to face a  challenge of transformation our project from screen to the paper.”

Ultimately The Yellow Issue itself becomes a kind of men´s wear accessory. Its playful use of paper-stock, its super-size format and its commitment to detail turn The Yellow Issue into a kind of aesthetic compass – a way of addressing the daily challenges of style in style. This is the definition of inspiration. This is the purpose of The Yellow Issue.

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Close Up and Private Magazine Pitti



Corey Knight

Founder of A&H Group.