‘Cocteau Crossing’ Marwood London A/W ’13

The vision:

“A train ride through an English scene of blurred landscapes, copper fields, broken industrial stripes, cricket fields and kingfishers is captured in English woven silk and wool – like a familiar aran knit reinvented as a jacquard cloth and a vibrant copper colored Mogador quality.”

This season is inspired by the eccentricity of noted French novelist John Cocteau, who has served as a muse to the brand since its inception. I discovered Becky French and Marwood London at the MRKet Trade Show in July. I was immediately attracted to the fine English Leavers lace necktie adorned the table. It captured my gaze. It was distinct, detailed, almost decorous if that could be attributed to a piece of neckwear. I examined it in entirety, the construction, the contour, the contrast. It was beautiful. A non-traditional aesthetic formed through classic technique, functioning as more art than accessory. Delicate, refined, and resolutely stylish, I had a chance to view the entire A/W ’13 collection yet I naturally gravitated to the new lace renditions. In spite of my bent toward this particular iteration, this season as a whole is equally as impressive, featuring cashmere socks, neckties, bow ties, scarves and pocket squares; with prints designed by Becky herself. You may view it here.



Thierry Augustin

A&H Magazine Content Director.